60mm Single-Cylinder Car Air Compressor FS601CA

12 Volt Air Compressor Portable Air Pump 12 volt Tire Inflator Air Compressor by SuperFlow for inflating

  • Product No.: FS601CA
  • Voltage range: DC12V-15V
  • Air volume capacity: 140L/Min
  • Cylinder diameter:: 60MM*1
  • Product description: 12 Volt Air Compressor Portable Air Pump 12 volt Tire Inflator Air Compressor by SuperFlow for inflating


1.Supply to USA,Europe,and Austrilia
2.Matrial:aluminium alloy   DC12v
3.Professional Perfomance Auto parts supplier
4.Ford Engines

1. Work with any DC 12V cigarette lighter socket. Start your car engine first and plug directly into DC 12V cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle(or any devices supporting DC 12V cigarette lighter plug indoors), then preset target tire pressure value (Press button “M” to go into preset mode and choose measuring units as you need, then press “+” or “-” to set desired pressure value) and switch the pump on, after that, connect air hose with your tire valve stem. Please follow the right steps to inflate tire, or it may easily blow out fuse.
2. We recommend keeping the engine of your vehicles running during use.
3. Tire inflator auto shut off at a desired pressure which prevents over inflation. Simply set the desire pressure by holding “+” or “-” button on the LCD screen.

4. The cigarette lighter plug is protected with a 15 amps fuse, and there is a backup fuse in the package. You can check User Manual for how to replace.

Kindly Notes:

1. The air compressor can not be used on big truck and motor lorry.

2. The product only can be used on DC 12V/12A power source, it can’t be used on AC 110V, AC 220V, DC 24V, DC 36V.

3. Avoid over-inflating, never exceed the recommended pressure. Items over inflated may burst and cause serious injury. Inflate 15 or 20 minutes let it have a break for 20 minutes.

4. The unit will become hot during use. Use caution when touching the unit. Only hold the unit by the carry handle and allow the unit to cool before storing.

Wide Use

For car tires  For Motorcycle, bike tires  For swimming rings  For all kinds of sports balls  For other inflatable toys, etc.
Package Included: 1 x Portable Air Compressor Pump 3 x Inflatable Adapters 1 x Power Cord With Battery Clamps 1 x Coil Air Hose 1 x User Manual 1 x Carry Bag

How to use
Start the car
the clamps to car battery(Red+/Black-) OR Insert the cigarette in to car cigarette lighter
Insert the inflation port into the tire valve core(Connect extension coil air hose if needed)
Turn the switch ON

Note: 1. Limited to use within DC 12V 14A power supply, can not be used in 24V, 36V, 110V and 220V household appliances unless with a transformer. 2. Do not touch the pump’s metal body when the pump is running. 3. Keep the inflating at your sight and attention.

Customer questions & answers ?

Question: Just wanna make sure if it it comes with two different power supply cables? one for the 12v accessory socket, and another with 2 clamps for the batter

Answer: Hello, thanks for your question. Yes, AUDEW Air Compressor Pump comes with two different power supply cables(one for the 12v accessory socket, and another with 2 clamps for the battery). We suggest if the current over 15A you need to using battery clamps to connect your car power to pump your tires.

Question: Is it powerful enough to inflate truck tires?

Answer: Hello, thank you for your question. Yes,  Portable Air Compressor Pump is ideal for trucks, cars, motorcycles, RV, SUV, ATV with 150PSI MAX pressure.

Question: Is it real dual cylinder air compressor? How powerful is it?

Answer: Hello, thank you for your question. Yes, it’s super powerful though it’s small size and handy. With TRUE dual cylinders, AUDEW portable air compressor can inflate P195/R15 from 0 ~ 35 PSI in approximately 2 minutes or less.

This is a compact yet efficient compressor and this inflates an SUV/4WD tyre in a blink! It can inflate various types of tires so it is also very versatile! The hose is also very unique and it comes with a very easy to use deflation valve which you are able to pre-set to the desired pressure so in case you over inflated or would like to drop the PSI in order to enjoy more grip over sandy or lose surfaces, this function will for sure come handy and practical so you have more time having fun!
The compressor main body is made of premium quality heavy duty parts. It is equipped with premium stainless steel 50mm valved cylinders, lifetime bearing mounted gearless direct drive copper motor, fused overload protection, dual foam air filters, heavy duty alligator clamps and an extra safe rubber sealed power cable in good length. A bonus carry/storage case comes with the compressor so you can keep all the holes and cables tidy and take the compressor wherever you want in your vehicle!
The compressor comes with a bonus tyre repair kit in case of emergency and also a 3 different type of head attachment so you can inflate not only tyres, but also balls, inflatable boats, balloons, etc! The compressor comes with 12 months warranty so you have an extra piece of mind that what you are buying it a quality product!
Come and grab one of this amazing, versatile, handy and efficient compressor and make your next off-road trip unexpected incident free!